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A trademark is any combination of symbols, names, and/or words used to identify products or services and distinguish them from competitors. If you’ve been wondering why you should register your trademark, we’ve got answers for you here, including some of the benefits of a registered trademark. A top reason for hiring a specialist in trademark law such as Trademark Attorney Zachary Hiller is to enhance brand value. Additional insights follow.

A Registered Trademark Boosts Brand Value

Protecting brand identity with a registered trademark is the most effective way to stop competitors from imitating your brand and poaching your profits. The unique symbol or logo that you create for your products or services has the benefit of promoting instant brand recognition. Your trademark is your intellectual property. Possibly one of the critical assets of your business, its representative trademark is an effective way to communicate with consumers and help them find you. Your brand grows more valuable as your reputation grows.

Protections a Federally Registered Trademark Provides

If you stick with a common law trademark, your rights are limited. For example, ownership in such cases is limited to your geographic area. If your business is online, defending infringements on your trademark involves little more than a matter of “your word against mine.” When you have the help of a trademark attorney in pursuing a registered trademark, the first action is a search and clearance review. This ensures both that you aren’t infringing on someone else’s trademark and that you are the valid owner according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

A fact of trademark law is that if you don’t invest in a registered trademark, the day may come when you have to pay royalties to someone else for the use of your trademark. You would then be compelled to rebrand, which would mean losing brand equity that you’ve invested in. There are clear benefits to having a registered trademark, including the following:

  • A trademark gives you the exclusive right to distribute your goods and/or services nationwide.
  • Your trademark alone makes a strong case and you can bring legal action for infringement in federal court.
  • Your registered trademark gives you the ability to obtain a trademark internationally.
  • You can file with the U.S. Customs to prevent mock goods from entering the U.S.

Trademarks are Affordable

The cost of a registered trademark with USPTO is minimal. The amount doesn’t begin to compare to the potentially exorbitant cost of failing to obtain a registered trademark.

After five years, you can apply to have your trademark designated as uncontestable. An uncontestable trademark is difficult for others to defend themselves against in a lawsuit. 

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