Wondering what is a provisional patent? A provisional patent is strategically essential these days because the “first to invent” status has been changed to “first inventor to file.”  If you correctly file a provisional patent application (PPA), you have time to gather vital information while ensuring your claim as the creator of the invention.

Do I Need a Provisional Patent Lawyer? 

With a provisional patent, you get the many benefits of establishing perceived ownership but only if it is done right. For anyone who needs to ask what is a provisional patent application, it is important to avoid potential catastrophe by hiring a patent attorney. You already have enough to worry about because, at this stage, you likely still have a long way to go in developing your invention. 

Zachary Hiller is a provisional patent lawyer who serves the Houston metropolitan area and can help you sort out the best strategy for protecting your valuable intellectual property, whether with a PPA or a regular non-provisional patent application.

Where to Find a Provisional Patent Example

You can find provisional patent examples with a simple online search. Depth of knowledge is what you need, however, when a provisional patent application is being prepared for filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). If the provisional patent application is poorly executed, it can fail in its intended purpose. For instance, a PPA can be used against the creator of the invention as a supposed demonstration that there actually was no invention or that it had not developed beyond the idea stage. 

The Cost of a PPA vs a Non-Provisional Patent Application 

A tremendous benefit of filing a provisional patent application is cost savings. When you file a provisional patent application, the cost is between about $65 and $260. The cost of filing a non-provisional patent application, on the other hand, can fall between $15,000, and $35,000 or more.

Meanwhile filing an affordable PPA gives you the legal right to legitimately claim that you have a ‘patent pending’ invention for a full year, which can be powerful. The following are among the benefits of filing an appropriate provisional patent application:

  • You have a year to test the market. 
  • As the perceived owner, you can request quotes from contract manufacturers. 
  • You can approach buyers and potentially secure purchase orders in advance of completion of your invention. 
  • You can market your invention and potentially generate cash flow with no fear of losing patent rights.
  • As you continue testing prototypes, you could make vital discoveries that improve your invention. 

If you were to wait until all was in order and then file a non-provisional patent, someone could beat you to the punch as the first inventor to file. Potentially, you could lose your opportunity in the market. 

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