Apart from the life-or-death issue, asking ‘What does a patent lawyer do?’ is reasonably comparable to asking how a surgeon performs brain surgery. In both instances, the professional with years of education, training, and experience to do the job right has attained the position, often with much painful effort. So, what is a patent lawyer? He or she is an individual who can help you start your business off with solid legal protection of your ideas, inventions, and potential earnings.

Patent infringement can be highly lucrative, and that potentially makes your fresh ideas tremendously valuable. Filing a patent is almost always a complex issue that requires the expertise of a pro for the entire process to be successfully achieved without costly stops and starts. 

Why do I need a lawyer to file a patent?

Legal help for protecting intellectual property (IP) through USPTO does not require legal representation. This has left countless inventors and entrepreneurs wondering, why do I need a lawyer to file a patent? Budget size is the primary difference between small and mid-sized business enterprises on one hand and large companies on the other. When patent issues are not handled properly, big companies often gobble up all the potential of entrepreneurs who have no legal recourse against patent infringement.

Filing a patent is complicated on multiple levels. The expertise of an experienced patent attorney untangles the process far more quickly than any layperson could begin to imagine. Few, if any, people have the time to pull off both of the following:

  1. Dive deeply into learning how to do what a patent lawyer does while also
  2. Keeping their business development pursuits on track.

Lack of money is the reason that many inventors haven’t even wondered how to find a patent attorney. In the end, for many inventors and other individuals with original ideas that have great earning potential, lost revenue and painful regret are the most tragic results of not having hired a patent attorney at the start of their endeavor.

3 Telling Things a Patent Lawyer Does

To answer the question at hand more directly – what does a patent lawyer do? – check out the following glimpse of three things, which are like tips of separate icebergs of information only people like informed patent lawyers fully grasp:

  1. Experienced patent attorneys are familiar with the plethora of statutes, rules, and laws concerning patents.
  2. Simply filing a provisional patent is a deceptively “easy” first step in the long, drawn-out patent process; but it is actually fraught with potential hurdles and roadblocks. Patent lawyers are already aware of the mountainous potential for disruptive errors and can maneuver around them.
  3. Patent attorneys know all the significant details you may need to know. For instance, they give you the best chance of success in patenting your idea even if a previous patent seemingly beat you to the punch. Intricate matters are involved.

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