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Texas Based Attorney HoustonThe law office of Zachary Hiller specializes in catering to the complete needs of its business and corporate clients from inception to final sale or dissolution. Locally based in Houston, Texas; the firm is invaluable in guiding and representing clients with business transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and all facets necessary for the growth and success of the client’s business. From regional, state or federal cases; Zachary Hiller is a Houston lawyer with national experience.

From intellectual property law to contract drafting and negotiation, The Law Office of Zachary Hiller can navigate the legal requirements on the multiple levels to ensure that every contingency is covered, every exigency managed. Like most assets, intellectual property can prove to be worthless if not positioned correctly in the marketplace. One common avenue of monetizing intellectual property is through licensing agreements. However, the specifics of those licenses can depend on a number of market factors and client objectives. Mr. Hiller’s
extensive knowledge in intellectual property law and experience in drafting and negotiating licensing agreements can help you develop an appropriate agreement that can address all of the issues involved with protecting your intellectual property rights and minimizing future business or legal problems.

We work closely with our clients, understanding their goals and the particulars of their businesses to ensure operations are as efficient as possible. The Law Office of Zachary Hiller is an integral part of the client’s team, providing comprehensive business law advice and guidance to ensure that the rights and best interests of the business are preserved in all business transactions.

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