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More people than ever are wondering if they should worry about a copyright infringement notice because violations are more common than ever before. There has been a clear pattern demonstrating that owners are more aggressively protecting their rights, and more people are being sued for copyright infringement. Yes, a copyright infringement notice is something to be concerned about. Inaction is not a viable option. Below, learn what to do if you get a copyright infringement notice as well as how to avoid copyright infringement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

What is Copyright Infringement?

A copyright is one of several types of intellectual property (IP). The purpose of a copyright is to protect the exclusive rights of a creator, holder, or owner of an original work in a tangible medium. Federal law makes it illegal to infringe upon a copyright. Avoid engaging in any of the elements of infringement below, each involving using an original work without permission, whether intentionally or inadvertently:

  • Making video copies of a movie in a theater and sharing or selling them
  • Copying and pasting a large volume of someone else’s text on your website
  • Publishing copyrighted images on your website
  • Posting videos that contain copyrighted videos, music, or images
  • Modifying images and using them online
  • Using copyrighted material in any way, whether profitable or not

What if I Receive a Copyright Infringement Notice?

It is important to contact an IP attorney if you receive a legitimate copyright infringement notice. Valid notices clearly identify the specific infringement. They also provide proof that the person issuing the notice is the copyright owner or a representative of that individual. Briefly, the thing you should do is contact a defense lawyer experienced in intellectual property cases. If you receive a copyright infringement notice, the following is good advice to keep in mind:

  1. Do not continue to pirate content.
  2. Do not call the copyright holder.
  3. Do not make an offer to pay for the content.
  4. Do not attempt to justify the alleged actions.
  5. Do not publish disparaging remarks in connection with the copyright infringement.
  6. Do not ignore the notice—under any circumstances.
  7. Do not go to trial, which is a costly endeavor, unless advised to by your attorney.

Tips to Avoid Copyright Infringement

Business owners are always wise to avoid the possibility of needing to ask, should I be worried about a copyright infringement notice? Being sued for copyright infringement can be extremely expensive. Business owners should hire an IP attorney to gain an understanding of the pitfalls within their particular industry with regard to copyright infringement. The following is a brief overview of how to avoid infringing on a copywrite:

  • Do not use original work that belongs to someone else.
  • Understand that what you discover on the Internet may be copyrighted and therefore should not be used without permission or verification that it is free to use per the person who holds the copyright.

Contact IP Attorney Zachary Hiller

Civil penalties of copyright infringement that could be imposed amount to as much as $150,000 for each violation in cases of willful or intentional infringement. Criminal penalties include up to five years in jail and fines up to $250,000. If you have received a copyright infringement notice, contact Attorney Zachary Hiller today. An experienced copyright attorney, Zachary Hiller can provide you with the legal guidance you need to minimize penalties and avoid being sued for copyright infringement by avoiding future violations.

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