A professional patent search is an important benefit to inventors, and it’s not just because of the adage that there is nothing new under the sun. Inventors need to be sure their innovative work is fruitful. Although it may seem an easy thing to investigate whether there is already a patent on an idea you’ve developed, that’s not the case. A thorough patentability search often requires a multi-pronged approach and the special knowledge of an experienced patent attorney.

The Basic Premise of a Patent Search

Perhaps one reason a patentability search isn’t as simple as pi is that there is no duty to conduct a search before filing a patent application on your invention. It is a full year or more before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will even examine your application for a patent. During that time, you may invest a lot of time and money in your invention. You may even sink money into marketing and manufacturing. After all of that, it could turn out that your spending has been on an invention someone else has already patented.

Depths Plumbed with a Professional Patent Search

Determining the patentability of an idea or invention is a process greatly enhanced by an understanding of the entire patent process. A search could reveal, for instance, that the protection a patent may provide on a particular invention lacks breadth. In fact, some patents are so narrow in scope that it is worth reconsidering whether the cost involved with securing a patent is a worthwhile investment.

Efficiently identifying relevant prior art requires the tools, techniques, and terminology that professionals are familiar with. Knowledge gained during a professional patent search can provide insights that will help avoid rejection of the first patent application—something USPTO is notorious for.

Patents are more successfully crafted when essential delineations are made between your invention and the prior art. The patentability search process reveals those differences. Distinguishing your invention from prior art is essential, and a professional patentability search is the best tool for determining how to obtain patent protection.

What Cannot Be Patented?

Contacting a patent attorney for a patent search can save time, effort, and money in a myriad of ways. For instance, you may be working on an idea that is not patentable. The following are a few of many ideas that cannot be patented for reasons other than a pre-existing patent on the same idea or invention:

  • Things that exist in nature
  • Natural laws
  • Mathematical formulas
  • Natural phenomena
  • Abstract ideas
  • Strategies for information presentation
  • A procedure for diagnosis or surgical or therapeutic treatment to be practiced on animals or humans

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