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image of a man holding a brainIntellectual property fuels innovation. There’s no doubt about it! Everything from the invention of the wheel, harnessing electricity and even the creation of the first automobile — all of these small achievements have gradually built upon one another in monumental ways that push modern society forward.

In a phrase: Ideas are important! Not only that, but they’re much more powerful when they can be shared in a legally responsible way. So how can you pluck your great idea out of your mind and give it meaning in the real world? I’ll explain!

Here is everything you need to know about how to patent an idea.


What makes an idea patentable?

As great as it would be, not all ideas are patent-worthy. According to, there are two main steps you must take in order to determine if your idea is equipped for this level of ownership:

1. Patent Qualification

Check to see if your idea qualifies as patentable property. That means you must confirm that your idea is not a naturally occurring phenomenon, a piece of art, publicly hazardous or already patented by another party.

2. Patenting Process

You are advised to learn how the patenting process works. See the next heading for details…

How do I patent my idea?

Once you have confirmed that your idea qualifies for a patent, you must begin the filing stage. In order to do so, it is wise to obtain a patent lawyer to ensure all legal obligations of filing your patent are being met. A lawyer can also help guide you through the licensing process so that, if you choose, you can earn royalties on your idea.

What if someone violates my patented idea?

If you have already been granted a patent for your idea at the time of violation – known as patent infringement – you are empowered to file a lawsuit against the offending party. You may sue for damages, or loss of profits, caused by the offender’s negligence to legally license your intellectual property.

What if I am unsure if my idea is patentable?

As a patent attorney, myself, I specialize in establishing, defending and upholding patented property. As a result, I can help you identify which of your innovations can be patented and help guide you through the tedious process of obtaining your patent. I will also work with you to enforce your patent rights, should a competitor decide to challenge your intellectual investment.

To get started, I invite you to reach out to me via my website’s contact page. You may send me an email, give me a phone call or fill out the digital contact form, and I will get back with you shortly. Together, we can ensure your great idea stays in your possession.

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