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Ideas can be worth millions, but it is vital to first hire an attorney who knows how to patent an idea and sell it. The secret to selling an idea rather than losing out on the wealth it can produce is to hire a qualified attorney specializing in intellectual property (IP) law and protect that idea with a patent. In the Houston area, Zachary Hiller is the best IP attorney in all matters pertaining to patents as well as trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  

Who Has the Answers About Selling an Idea?

It is crucial for inventors and other creative individuals with highly marketable ideas to understand the value and purpose of a patent. Ultimately, however, the number one thing you need to know is who to call about protecting your idea. That person is an attorney in patent law. There are many nuances to protecting an idea through the USPTO.

A concept that may be obvious is that avoiding disclosure can be complicated, but it is essential that the novelty of your idea is protected and maintained until the patent is yours. In other words, your idea must not be described either in print or on the Internet.

A first step in the patent process is to conduct thorough research to determine whether your idea has already been executed by the USPTO. The research itself, however, could reveal strategies in which you can refine and enhance your idea, making it patentable in spite of the similar patent that exists.

What About a Prototype?

It may or may not be feasible to pursue a patent without creating a prototype. For instance, if the functionality of your idea is the basic question to be answered, a prototype is important to demonstrate its viability. A proof-of-concept (POC) prototype that you create yourself, whether in whole or part, will cut costs. However, if you’re not qualified to bring your idea into fruition, a POC prototype isn’t the best approach for you. That doesn’t have to be a problem since prototypes are typically used internally to ensure the product’s practicability.

A person with no tech experience nor time for a crash course in electronics may be better off hiring a qualified engineer to create  a manufacturable prototype, but that depends. If there are doubts about the fundamentals, it’s better to hire someone to create your POC prototype. This would be a different individual from the engineer needed to develop a manufacturable product. The two jobs have distinctions that set them apart. For instance, an engineer capable of developing printed circuit board (PCB) designs is not typically the same person who works with development kits.

How to Patent an App Idea and Sell It?

What are your questions about pursuing a patent for your idea? How to patent an app? How much does a patent cost? How much does it cost to patent an idea worldwide? Whatever your questions, an IP attorney is your best resource for getting the answers you need and for protecting your idea with a patent.

What about how to sell a patent? Once you have your patent or you are able to say with confidence and the legal advice of a patent attorney that your idea is in the patent process, selling the idea is a marketing issue that an IP expert can also help with.

Contact Zachary Hiller, Patent Attorney

The patent process is expensive. You can avoid missteps and wasted dollars with the help of patent attorney Zachary Hiller. It’s difficult to briefly explain the many complexities involved with the patent process. Contact Zachary Hiller for your free consultation and for the answers you need right now for an unrivaled plan to patent your idea and sell it.

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