That special, unique aspect of your business is what sets it apart, and hiring a small business lawyer who specializes in intellectual property (IP) is essential to protect that “it factor.” You may need to pursue copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret protection, or a combination of IP types. If your business start-up ultimately captures the attention of consumers en masse, you will save time, money, and headaches and possibly avoid going belly-up by hiring a qualified small business lawyer in Houston upfront. There is no better IP attorney in Houston for small businesses who will take care of all matters related to intellectual property than Zachary Hiller.

Why IP is a Small Business Concern

A mistake commonly made by small business owners is that protecting their IP is treated as though it were of low importance. Although it is true that individuals and businesses automatically have a right to their work, regardless of whether it is formally registered, needed protections for patents do not exist merely on the basis of common law. As for trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights, they have limited protections unless they are officially registered with the help of a small business lawyer with special IP knowledge and experience.

To ensure that inventors maintain exclusive rights to their inventions, their work must officially be filed with the USPTO. If an inventor fails to officially file their invention with the USPTO before releasing it, their idea becomes public knowledge and anyone is able to freely imitate their invention without facing legal repercussions.

Copyrights, trade secrets, and trademarks, on the other hand, are covered by common law. However, official copyright, trade secret, and trademark brand benefits are only protected internationally in terms of taking legal actions against infringement if they are officially registered.

Small Business as Prey

Large businesses take care of matters such as IP protection without a second thought. Not so among most small business owners, who often struggle with finances on multiple levels. Established businesses often keep an eye out for fresh ideas because they can typically undersell, outproduce, and consume the would-be profits of any small business lacking IP protections. As the saying goes, it truly is a jungle out there. The number one strategy for a small business owner to ensure ongoing success is with the help of an IP-centric business startup attorney.

How to Keep Your Business Alive

For most small businesses, recovery from immediate, brutal competition is impossible. Paying the cost of hiring a small business lawyer with expertise in IP law is an absolute necessity if you want to prevent the potential wealth that your original idea can produce from enriching someone else.

Contact Zachary Hiller, Small Business Attorney

Small business lawyer Zachary Hiller specializes in IP law. He knows the value of a brilliant idea and recognizes the vulnerability of small business owners who are careless with their valuable intellectual property. With strong protections against infringement, your business may have its best line of defense against devastating business losses. Contact Zachary Hiller today for your free consultation.

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