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  • image of stamp device and "approval" stamp mark in red on trademark application

    A trademark is any combination of symbols, names, and/or words used to identify products or services and distinguish them from competitors. If you’ve been wondering why you should register your trademark, we’ve got answers for you here, including some of the benefits of a registered trademark. A top reason for hiring a specialist in trademark […]

  • small business lawyer with scale

    It is practically inevitable for an entrepreneur to ask, “why do I need a small business lawyer?” Just as laws govern the way we drive on Texas roads, certain laws must be followed in the business world to avoid costly mistakes. Legal assistance helps to ensure compliance, minimize liability, establish agreements, and protect your interests. […]

  • Brand gating and two kinds of tax changes related to patent infringement damages are three welcome intellectual property trends. The business world is still in the throes of dealing with COVID-19, making news of positive future trends in IP laws especially welcome. Your intellectual property is an important matter, and the following information on current […]

  • Do you have a trade secret that the success of your business depends upon? Protecting your trade secrets is an important step in ensuring your business can thrive. You may have a top-secret recipe to rival Kentucky Fried Chicken or an original way to create a new art form. If you were to patent your […]

  • holiday traditions

    It’s the holiday season once again. You may be trimming the tree or lighting candles, turning up the Christmas carols or replaying your favorite holiday movies. Have you ever wondered which of our iconic holiday traditions are fair use and which are trademarked? You might be surprised! (1) Santa Claus (as We Know Him Today) […]

  • The Slants take on SCOTUS, image of the band the slants

    Late last week the Supreme Court of the Unites States, or SCOTUS, granted certiorari in nine cases. For non-legal nerds, this means that the highest court in the nation has decided to review the decisions of the lowers courts in nine specific cases. Over the next few months SCOTUS will review the merits and rule on […]

  • Apple Iphone 7 reveal

    If you follow the tech industry, or if you haven’t been living under a rock, then you probably know that this week was Apple’s big reveal of the iPhone 7. From San Francisco Apple highlighted the new device, which boasts more storage, a better camera, and not surprisingly, no headphone jacks. In addition to the iPhone […]

  • intellectual property assets

    What are my intellectual property assets? This is a common question that we hear in the office. Many small business owners understand the need to protect various portions of their intellectual property assets, such as a logo or a patent on a unique design, but they fail to grasp the big picture. In other cases, […]

  • Beer trademarks are heating up. Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston, TX

    The craft brewing world is booming. According to the Brewers Association, craft breweries in the US have seen a double digit growth pattern for almost a decade. It seems that there are two things that craft brewers really like: a quality brew and some really funny puns. The craft beer field is full of punny […]

  • Apple iphone Apple Patents Latest News Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston TX

    There has been an interesting development in the world of Apple patents. It appears that the tech giant has obtained a patent that would allow the company to utilize infrared sensors to remotely interact with phones. The blog Patently Apple reported that this is part of 44 newly granted patents for Apple this week. These patent […]

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