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  • Cartoon of Patent Troll Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston TX

    Once upon a time, there was a troll. This was a special kind of troll who lived for a specific purpose, to snare unlikely suspects in their litigious web. This is the story of a patent troll, and how they poisoned Apple with a 625 million dollar lawsuit. This is the story of a company called […]

  • Smartphones have taken the world by storm. The industry is making an incredibly large amount of money, and consumers aren’t holding back their wallets anytime soon. Many of us rely on our phones every day for work, our social lives, and even simple tasks, like waking up in the morning. Phones are more than just […]

  • After what has seemed like endless hours of research and labor, you’ve finally had your “Eureka!” moment and successfully created something new. Perhaps it is a better version of an existing product, or an innovative new concept that solves a consumer need. Do you know what to do to protect your creation? If the thought […]