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  • Apple iphone Apple Patents Latest News Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston TX

    There has been an interesting development in the world of Apple patents. It appears that the tech giant has obtained a patent that would allow the company to utilize infrared sensors to remotely interact with phones. The blog Patently Apple reported that this is part of 44 newly granted patents for Apple this week. These patent […]

  • Keurig may be licensing IP technology to Mr. Coffee

    I was out shopping the other day and I noticed a product that warmed the heart of any IP attorney. It was a Mr. Coffee coffee maker, with the Kuerig K-cup sticker on the box. That doesn’t seem so surprising since many small appliance manufacturers have jumped in on the single serve coffee bandwagon. What […]

  • Intellectual Property audit. Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston, TX

    Ready or not, 2016 is upon us. The New Year brings with it new to-do lists for your business to ensure continued success in the year to come. There will be new challenges and new opportunities on every level. Now is the time that many create resolutions to start good habits and abandon bad ones. […]

  • Last week we covered intellectual property law for startups and what pitfalls a new a new business should avoid. Now that you know the right people are vital to your business success, and how to set up the appropriate protections, we can cover protecting your ideas with a few more intellectual property tips. This week […]

  • Having the next BIG idea drives so many entrepreneurs to take a leap of faith and launch their own start-up. The world of these start-ups are focused on developing their project, finding investors, creating their brand and getting everything to market; typically at breakneck speed. Brainstorming ideas, formulating logos and crafting tag lines can be […]