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    That special, unique aspect of your business is what sets it apart, and hiring a small business lawyer who specializes in intellectual property (IP) is essential to protect that “it factor.” You may need to pursue copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret protection, or a combination of IP types. If your business start-up ultimately captures the […]

  • tech patents

    In the early 2000s, MIT alums Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi designed a way for multiple users to share folders across a network. If this idea sounds familiar to you, that’s because you probably use it, or something like it, every day. Houston and Ferdowsi called their design Dropbox, and filed a patent for this […]

  • Lessons From The Net Neutrality Ruling. Zachary Hiller Law Houston, TX

    There is huge news from the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Yesterday the court had a ruling that will impact anyone and everyone who uses the internet. Today we will look at lessons from the net neutrality ruling, what it is in general, who it benefits, and who it […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law. How to raise capital, hand holding cash

    As an attorney in private practice I have a unique insight into what it takes to run a small business. I know the daily balance between running the business and working on a passion. I have a passion for the law; I find it fascinating, challenging and exciting. I look forward to coming to work […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law A Tale Of Two Logos Blog

    It was the best of design, it was the worst of design… but what was it all worth? Forgive me for being a bit of a branding nerd, but I find the back stories behind the world’s most recognizable logos fascinating. That’s because a logo, when done correctly, can impact brand awareness and status. They […]

  • Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method of raising money online from the mass market. It only started to take a significant hold of the public around 2008, and has grown more popular each year. Many crowdfunding websites have helped countless groups of people kick off fantastic ideas, fund causes, and get start-ups rolling. While crowdfunding […]

  • Is it time to start your own business? Creating your own company can be an incredible journey, but you have to remember there is lot of hard work to do and some important details that should not be overlooked. Small business owners can run into many legal issues that aren’t typically encountered with partnerships or corporations. […]

  • Heard the recent news about music copyright laws? Those in the music industry have been buzzing on social media outlets for the past few weeks about the recent case between Marvin Gaye’s heirs and superstars Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke, over their mega-hit, “Blurred Lines”. The case has left many with more questions than answers […]

  • Deciding what to trademark can be complicated and confusing.  However, most businesses would benefit greatly knowing that by obtaining a trademark for your company name, products, and logos you are able to protect the goodwill you have built in the community.  Here is an article from the Houston Chronicle detailing how the beer industry is […]