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  • Last week we covered intellectual property law for startups and what pitfalls a new a new business should avoid. Now that you know the right people are vital to your business success, and how to set up the appropriate protections, we can cover protecting your ideas with a few more intellectual property tips. This week […]

  • Having the next BIG idea drives so many entrepreneurs to take a leap of faith and launch their own start-up. The world of these start-ups are focused on developing their project, finding investors, creating their brand and getting everything to market; typically at breakneck speed. Brainstorming ideas, formulating logos and crafting tag lines can be […]

  • Is it time to start your own business? Creating your own company can be an incredible journey, but you have to remember there is lot of hard work to do and some important details that should not be overlooked. Small business owners can run into many legal issues that aren’t typically encountered with partnerships or corporations. […]

  • Disney is one of the most well-known and beloved companies in the world. From television shows to movies, merchandise, and theme parks, the Disney copyright and trademark protections safeguard these valuable assets from infringement. For generations, Disney has fought numerous legal battles over trademark and copyright infringement. You don’t get as popular as Disney if you […]

  • Sometimes, enforcing a trademark claim can be a bad idea for your brand. While it is important to protect your company from trademark infringement in the market, companies can get a little overzealous with their trademark claims. At times, the court of public opinion can have a greater impact on your bottom line than any infringement […]

  • Are you confused about the difference between copyright and trademark law? You know that both offer protection of intellectual property, but you are not sure how to differentiate between the two.  The answer may be more simple than you think. While both offer protection under the law, they are actually fairly dissimilar from each other. […]

  • Heard the recent news about music copyright laws? Those in the music industry have been buzzing on social media outlets for the past few weeks about the recent case between Marvin Gaye’s heirs and superstars Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke, over their mega-hit, “Blurred Lines”. The case has left many with more questions than answers […]

  • After what has seemed like endless hours of research and labor, you’ve finally had your “Eureka!” moment and successfully created something new. Perhaps it is a better version of an existing product, or an innovative new concept that solves a consumer need. Do you know what to do to protect your creation? If the thought […]

  • Deciding what to trademark can be complicated and confusing.  However, most businesses would benefit greatly knowing that by obtaining a trademark for your company name, products, and logos you are able to protect the goodwill you have built in the community.  Here is an article from the Houston Chronicle detailing how the beer industry is […]

  • Welcome to the new website. I hope you like the fresh look which is designed to make it easier to determine what legal services you might need. I would like to give a shout out and special thanks to AIM Creative in Houston, TX for their help designing the site. I personally love the feel […]

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