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  • Zachary Hiller Law A Tale Of Two Logos Blog

    It was the best of design, it was the worst of design… but what was it all worth? Forgive me for being a bit of a branding nerd, but I find the back stories behind the world’s most recognizable logos fascinating. That’s because a logo, when done correctly, can impact brand awareness and status. They […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law Pharmaceutical Law and Patents

    A recent New York Times article discussed in depth how pharmaceutical law  and patents could block lifesaving drugs from hitting the market. The patent system protects and promotes innovation, but when it comes to pharmaceuticals, this may prevent value of new and very important drugs. The article took a look at the behavior of pharmaceutical […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law Would a Rose Trademarked by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?

    Have you ever walked through the drug store and noticed a litany of inexpensive fragrances? Many of them purport to be just like the designer fragrances that they modeled their scent from. “If you like Giorgio you will LOVE Primo!” or “Fly with Me” instead of Calvin Klein’s Escape. Have you ever wondered how they […]

  • Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular method of raising money online from the mass market. It only started to take a significant hold of the public around 2008, and has grown more popular each year. Many crowdfunding websites have helped countless groups of people kick off fantastic ideas, fund causes, and get start-ups rolling. While crowdfunding […]

  • Smartphones have taken the world by storm. The industry is making an incredibly large amount of money, and consumers aren’t holding back their wallets anytime soon. Many of us rely on our phones every day for work, our social lives, and even simple tasks, like waking up in the morning. Phones are more than just […]

  • How is the ownership of a joke decided? When does joke theft become illegal? These are all questions people are wondering after comedy writer Robert Alexander Kaseberg sued Conan O’ Brien for stealing his jokes. Kaseburg claims that Conan stole four jokes from his personal blog and Twitter. This includes the writer’s specific joke about two […]

  • Lately, the question of artist’s rights and their street art, whether commissioned or guerrilla, has been in the news. Cases, from Ahol’s suit against American Eagle to Katy Perry’s dress, draw people to ask a few questions about graffiti and copyright. The confusing nature of copyright law has left many wondering where the line is […]

  •   Have you ever been so obsessed over a book, film or TV show that you didn’t want it to end? For many diehard fanatics of a genre, fan fiction is a way to perpetuate the story after the original author has set down their pen. For those who are unfamiliar, Fan Fiction is writing […]

  • Trademarks are not a new invention; they have been protecting brands in the U.S. for over 100 years. In that time there have been many famous trademark disputes, and one such intellectual property battle that went down in history is the Kellogg Co. V National Biscuit Co. case. Kellogg Co. (known as The Battle Creek […]

  • Last week we covered intellectual property law for startups and what pitfalls a new a new business should avoid. Now that you know the right people are vital to your business success, and how to set up the appropriate protections, we can cover protecting your ideas with a few more intellectual property tips. This week […]

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