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  • Zachary Hiller Law Prior Art and Patent Law, patent sketch

    Some would say that there are areas of patent law that are fundamentally broken. The tech blog, Gizmodo, made the case for this in an article several years back when they pointed to the many tech lawsuits between Apple, HTC, Samsung and Nokia. In the article they noted that in certain sectors patent trolls, of […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law To Kill a Mocking Bird

    Is all art simply a commodity to be bought and sold, garnering a profit for those who know how? Who are the true beneficiaries of copyright law? Some are saying, corporations, which continue to profit from other’s intellectual property after the creator of a successful piece passes on. A recent LA Times article discusses the […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law. How to raise capital, hand holding cash

    As an attorney in private practice I have a unique insight into what it takes to run a small business. I know the daily balance between running the business and working on a passion. I have a passion for the law; I find it fascinating, challenging and exciting. I look forward to coming to work […]

  • Happy Birthday copyright, birthday cake

    The final notes may be sung on a 3-year-old case involving one of the most profitable copyrights that everyone knows by heart. For those who aren’t familiar, licensing fees and royalties can garner a pretty profit for copyright holders. Some of the most profitable songs may surprise you. The top five songs combined have garnered […]

  • Cartoon of Patent Troll Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston TX

    Once upon a time, there was a troll. This was a special kind of troll who lived for a specific purpose, to snare unlikely suspects in their litigious web. This is the story of a patent troll, and how they poisoned Apple with a 625 million dollar lawsuit. This is the story of a company called […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law YouTube Copyright Claims

    YouTube can be a fascinating place. Who hasn’t fallen down the rabbit hole of YouTube videos, leaping from recipe guides to music videos; DIY home remodeling to comedic stand-up? In fact, YouTube is such a behemoth that it is considered to be one of the largest search engines, second only to its parent company, Google. […]

  • Intellectual Property audit. Zachary Hiller Patent Attorney Houston, TX

    Ready or not, 2016 is upon us. The New Year brings with it new to-do lists for your business to ensure continued success in the year to come. There will be new challenges and new opportunities on every level. Now is the time that many create resolutions to start good habits and abandon bad ones. […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law Losing A Trademark

    Last week we discussed Twitter and Trademarks, and the need to register names, phrases and symbols for your brand. We mentioned that Twitter was in the process of registering several words, ancillary to the brand. Registering allows them to control the use of these word in commercial settings. Simply registering a trademark isn’t enough. If […]

  • Twitter and Trademark, Subtweet Zachary Hiller Law Houston TX

    Big news in tech and trademarks, two categories near and dear to my heart. Twitter just recently filed to trademark the term “subtweet.” For those of you who don’t follow the social media platform, a subtweet is a post in which you talk about someone without tagging their Twitter handle directly. It is the micro-blogging […]

  • Zachary Hiller Law. Secret Recipes and copyright law, pecan pie.

    Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather and reflect on all their blessings. Well, at least that is what it is in part. It is also a time to eat, and eat, and eat! Candied yams, to deep fried turkey, oyster stuffing and pumpkin pie; Thanksgiving is a great way to expand […]