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  • trademarked name

    What’s in a name? To quote the bard, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. In Hollywood land, however, a name can mean big bucks. Protecting a celebrity’s brand in this digital age has become increasingly important to those in the public eye. In fact, on January 22 Meryl Streep joined the […]

  • holiday traditions

    It’s the holiday season once again. You may be trimming the tree or lighting candles, turning up the Christmas carols or replaying your favorite holiday movies. Have you ever wondered which of our iconic holiday traditions are fair use and which are trademarked? You might be surprised! (1) Santa Claus (as We Know Him Today) […]

  • trademark infringement

    If you don’t follow what’s new on the catwalk, you might not initially link fashion with the concept of intellectual property. For big brands like Gucci, though, the link is obvious – especially when cheaper outlets try to copy their lucrative designs! But is it truly trademark infringement? Forever 21’s Complaint Against Gucci was No Match for […]

  • fair use

    If you’ve never seen Melissa Hunter’s character, “Adult Wednesday Addams,” it’s worth a look, not just to get a laugh, but also to learn more about a legal term that’s become essential in our internet age: the concept of fair use. If you are familiar with the original Addams Family series or the film remakes, […]

  • tech patents

    In the early 2000s, MIT alums Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi designed a way for multiple users to share folders across a network. If this idea sounds familiar to you, that’s because you probably use it, or something like it, every day. Houston and Ferdowsi called their design Dropbox, and filed a patent for this […]

  • trademark cases

    Some of the trademark cases filed over the years have been successful. Some have not. And some are just plain bizarre. Here are a few of the most outrageous ones we’ve seen … The Rock Band KISS Tried to Trademark … What, Exactly? Last month, Gene Simmons of the seminal group KISS tried to trademark […]

  • copyright recipes

    It’s so easy to get a recipe online these days, isn’t it? Whether you’re looking for a new way to make guacamole or double-checking the grilling instructions for those pork steaks, all you have to do is check YouTube or Google. Well, it turns out that even cooking show giants like the Food Network do […]

  • civil litigation

    If you’ve watched Judge Judy, you may have a Hollywood-tinted vision of what civil litigation is. But there’s a lot more to the story than what you see on TV. Conflict with other human beings – a dispute with a neighbor, for instance, or money lost to an unscrupulous business – is, perhaps, inevitable, but […]

  • Inventors with a patented idea have options when it comes to taking important next steps toward commercialization. There are major differences between selling a patent, licensing a patent, and transferring technology. If you have questions about shopping your idea or working with another party to capture profits from your invention, it can help to rely […]

  • How to Fight Patent Trolls (and win)

    Patents serve many great purposes for entrepreneurs and businesses all around the world; they empower inventors to create new products and technologies for the public to use and provide feedback on for future iterations. They also protect ideas from being stolen and replicated by other companies who wish to profit from someone else’s designs. Unfortunately, […]

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