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  • Apart from the life-or-death issue, asking ‘What does a patent lawyer do?’ is reasonably comparable to asking how a surgeon performs brain surgery. In both instances, the professional with years of education, training, and experience to do the job right has attained the position, often with much painful effort. So, what is a patent lawyer? […]

  • All intellectual property cases should be a business priority. Experienced IP law attorneys advise small and mid-sized business owners to avoid potential future losses by getting legal help in fortifying IP protection. The following recent intellectual property cases provide insights into how beneficial and potentially lucrative IP protections can be.                                                                                            Lucky 13 vs. Taylor […]

  • Brand gating and two kinds of tax changes related to patent infringement damages are three welcome intellectual property trends. The business world is still in the throes of dealing with COVID-19, making news of positive future trends in IP laws especially welcome. Your intellectual property is an important matter, and the following information on current […]

  • copyright infringement

    More people than ever are wondering if they should worry about a copyright infringement notice because violations are more common than ever before. There has been a clear pattern demonstrating that owners are more aggressively protecting their rights, and more people are being sued for copyright infringement. Yes, a copyright infringement notice is something to […]

  • Intellectual property theft aka IP theft is an easy type of crime to commit and yet it can devastate businesses and have tremendous economic impact. Theft of intellectual property in the US adds up to as much as $540 billion in losses annually. Although IP theft often makes the news related to global enterprises, small […]

  • patented stamp

    Ideas can be worth millions, but it is vital to first hire an attorney who knows how to patent an idea and sell it. The secret to selling an idea rather than losing out on the wealth it can produce is to hire a qualified attorney specializing in intellectual property (IP) law and protect that […]

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    That special, unique aspect of your business is what sets it apart, and hiring a small business lawyer who specializes in intellectual property (IP) is essential to protect that “it factor.” You may need to pursue copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret protection, or a combination of IP types. If your business start-up ultimately captures the […]

  • A professional patent search is an important benefit to inventors, and it’s not just because of the adage that there is nothing new under the sun. Inventors need to be sure their innovative work is fruitful. Although it may seem an easy thing to investigate whether there is already a patent on an idea you’ve […]

  • trademark-tiles

    Unless you have been living under a rock for several years, the name of a popular NFL team has been a hot topic of conversation. While many have argued over the name, the Washington Redskins have been reluctant to change it for a myriad of reasons. That is, until now. After decades under their current […]

  • An important consideration that is often overlooked by businesses and individuals is the protection of intellectual property (IP) by a Houston ip attorney. If your business or writing career has been built on a unique and profitable concept, it is at risk of being stolen. Intellectual assets are often more valuable than any other aspect […]

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