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It is practically inevitable for an entrepreneur to ask, “why do I need a small business lawyer?” Just as laws govern the way we drive on Texas roads, certain laws must be followed in the business world to avoid costly mistakes. Legal assistance helps to ensure compliance, minimize liability, establish agreements, and protect your interests. Attorney Zachary Hiller routinely helps small and mid-sized businesses and specializes in intellectual property (IP), such as copyrights and patents. Below are four top reasons to hire a small business attorney.

1-Ensure Compliance

As a small business owner, you are faced with mandatory requirements in several areas. To be externally compliant, you will need to file certain paperwork and pay state and/or federal taxes. Locally, you may need to maintain permits, licenses, or certificates. Internal compliance is largely achieved with recordkeeping in which you document compliance through company records. The information can be used for defense in a legal action or to simplify the process of selling your business. A qualified small business lawyer is familiar with the matters that must be addressed to ensure compliance.

2-Protect Your Interests

Small businesses need various types of protection, including the security of intellectual property. IP is the cornerstone of most businesses. The unique and creative idea behind a business as well as any other original property must be safeguarded. A small business attorney who specializes in IP is an asset because of the complexities involved with protecting intellectual property through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The following are the four basic types of IP along with a general overview describing each:

  • Copyrights protect art in a wide range of artistic expressions, including writing, artwork, and music.
  • Trademarks protect brands and encompass logos, names, slogans, symbols, and more.
  • Inventions are protected by patents.
  • A Trade Secret is crucial information that is often the core of a company’s success, and it is acquired through skill, experience, or luck.

3-Minimize Liability

Being careful that your business is not infringing on anyone else’s IP is one type of liability small businesses need to avoid. The business world is laden with potential liability issues that small business attorneys are thoroughly familiar with. Employees, for instance, whether current, former, or prospective, can sue, for example, on the grounds of discrimination in a hostile work environment or for being fired.

4-Establish Agreements 

Agreements need to be established with various individuals and entities when you are running a small business. For example, you may need a buy-sell agreement with partners, contracts establishing certain agreements with clients or customers, or shareholder’s agreements. Small business lawyers have the legal know-how to help you determine what agreements need to be made and to prepare them in a way that protects your interests.

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